Systems Capabilities

Voice, Data and Fiber

Kaemmerlen focuses on installation quality and performance. We strive to align ourselves with manufacturers whose certifications that hold a similar approach to their product. Our installation is built to rigid EIA/TIA standards, and we want our clients to feel that they are getting a better/stronger installation with us. Any contractor can install the infrastructure to “work” with their current technology. Our goal is to care about the installed cabling performance meeting a manufacturer’s full performance specifications even if our customers don’t care or understand the future proofing aspect of this stance.


We apply a similar rigidity to standards with our installation of infrastructure for Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), keeping current with IP-based and networked solutions.


A close cousin to the above is a CATV cabling infrastructure. This is for a coaxial or network-based distribution of service. This can either be to support a vendor’s outside plant or satellite -based equipment.

Nurse Call and Healthcare Systems

Due to the long-term involvement of Kaemmerlen Electric with the healthcare industry, Kaemmerlen Communications has a long association with performing work and installing systems that are specific to the medical industry. For hospitals, this goes beyond traditional nurse call systems and includes the many clinical engineering systems related to specific equipment, telemetry or patient record management. Additionally, we have a strong sensitivity and awareness of infectious disease control protocols, which are mission critical to hospitals.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Systems

A unique blend of systems integration is needed for these types of facilities. Kaemmerlen Communications has major experience with these types of facilities. There is a strong need for a careful and thoughtful integration of nurse call, patient wandering and access control systems to enhance the functionality of the patient care staff and ensure the well being of the resident clients.

White Noise Sound Masking / Intercom & Paging

The growing appeal of open office design has increased the opportunities for an effective “white noise” generation system. Kaemmerlen can offer a fully integrated IP-based solution that couples white noise with paging and overhead music. In this instance we are aligned with Cambridge Sound Management that allows us to be able to offer the latest technology with cost-effective delivery.

Security / Access Control / Intrusion

Client needs for access control and security have skyrocketed the last few years and technological advances in systems equipment and design have changed dramatically. Kaemmerlen’s relationships with several key providers allows us to integrate a supplier whose system will best fit our client’s needs allowing us to match the right systems, with the right client. With our growing staff of technicians who are dedicated to installing these types of systems, this effort is rapidly becoming a stand-alone division within our Communications Division.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm expertise is all about meeting the scope requirements of the relevant building codes.  Our skills revolve around cost, and effectively addressing the needs of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), including fire marshals and building inspectors.

Audio Visual Installations

Kaemmerlen Communications works closely with many providers of audiovisual systems, and we are relied upon for our ability to provide a great, technical installation. Kaemmerlen can be leaned upon to provide a professional group of technicians with the skills to perform a top-notch installation on board rooms, learning centers, churches and conference centers.