Kaemmerlen Service

“The expertise that Kaemmerlen’s service team brings to us in the Critical Facilities area, by maintaining our Data Centers and Computers Rooms, is one that we have needed for a long time. We have total confidence in the service team, not just to make the repairs and upgrades to the highest standards, but also because they have earned our trust in ensuring that business continuity is always maintained.”
—Jim Govro, Charter Communications

At Kaemmerlen, our clients’ specific projects are the most important pieces of electrical work to them. Often there is a sense of urgency to the process … getting a returned phone call, getting a bid turned around in a timely manner, having a service person onsite. Our goal is to embrace each and every client’s “sense of urgency” level and have every one of them feel it in our response.

We are proud of the quality of each individual in our Service Division who might show up in a service van to perform a project. We really feel that man-for-man, our level of customer orientation and excellence cannot be matched. Kaemmerlen has many dyed-in-the-wool service men, the type who instantly give clients a very comfortable feeling when they are introduced and hit the job site. That’s what we're about.

Service Fleet